In all our dishes you´ll find our homegrown Microgreens. These small Greens are the new Superfood, they contain far more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than full grown plants and vegetables. One handful of microgreens replace a large bowl of salad. Try it!



Garden Bowl "Super Green Mix"


Fresh microgreens, bulgur, cucumber, edamame, wild broccoli, fresh mango, roasted peanuts and coriander

Want to have more? Add-ons

Grilled shrimps


Grilled chicken breast


Grilled Beyond Meat in stripes


Choose your favourite dressing from our three delicious homemade sauces:

Peanut sauce with almond milk, soy and agave syrup

Green guacamole sauce with fresh avocado, microgreens and some garlic

Yellow curry dressing with curry, pineapple and mango jam

BURGER - taste the future of meat


All our Burger we serve with our own sourdough buns, they mature 24h before baking and contain 80% rye flour. What else can´t be missed? Of course, our delicious Microgreens which make our burger to an incomparable taste experience.

Our Burger Patties are completely vegan and contains only plant proteins. Beyond Meat is an American startup company which are specialized in producing vegan meat and sausage specialties. The patties contain no soy, are gluten free and have no cholesterol.

Lucky Punch Burger


113g Beyond Meat, microgreens, cheddar, tomatoes, steamed onions, guacamole and curry sauce

VEGAN option: with vegan cheese and hummus instead of curry sauce

Iron Man Burger


113g Beyond Meat, microgreens, cheddar, tomatoes, steamed onions, fresh cucumber, spiced cucumber, roasted onions, Coleslaw and smokey sweet barbeque sauce

Ocean Burger


Fresh fried salmon filet breaded with oatmeal, microgreens, steamed onions, cucumber, steamed sweet potato slices and our curry sauce

Gambas Burger


Garlic shrimps, microgreens, steamed onions, fresh cucumber, fried sweet potato slices and curry sauce

Truffle burger


113g Beyond Meat, microgreens, cheddar, tomatoes, steamed onions, parmesan cheese, sliced truffle and homemade truffle sauce


Extra Beyond Meat


Double cheese 


Extra spiced cucumber




High Protein Wrap


Wheat flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, microgreens, tomatoes, cooked egg, pine nuts, cream cheese and homemade sauce “Cesar style”

GLUTEN FREE option: with rice flour tortilla

Vegi Wrap


Wheat flour tortilla stuffed with grilled bell pepper, microgreens, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, bulgur, hummus, guacamole and curry sauce

VEGAN option: no curry sauce but delicious hummus

Strong Immune System Wrap


Wheat flour tortilla stuffed with smoked salmon, microgreens, fried sweet potato slices, onions, green asparagus, bulgur, cream cheese and curry sauce


The Mad Max


Tomato sauce, grilled beyond Meat in stripes, microgreens, tomato, steamed onions and cheese

Fisher ́s choice


White base with cream cheese, smoked salmon, microgreens, steamed onions, sweet potato slices and green asparagus

Greenbomb calzone


Tomato sauce, microgreens, steamed onions, broccoli and cheese


Strong Keanu


Sourdough bun stuffed with beyond Sausage, microgreens, spiced cucumber, steamed onions, roasted onions, Coleslaw, barbecue sauce und sweet mustard



(Coming soon)



Low Carb Brownie


Homemade chocolate brownie pieces with 70% ecological chocolate and NO wheat flour topped with mango ice cream, mango sauce and microgreens



Homemade Chia pudding with chocolate, soy milk, coconut flakes, microgreens

Schokoloco Wrap


Delicious wheat flour meal tortilla with biological dark chocolate sauce, almond pieces, banana, strawberries, mango puree and microgreens





Apple, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, microgreens



Ginger, orange, apple, microgreens



Strawberry, banana, mint, lemon, microgreens



Mint, carrot, pineapple, microgreens


Alcohol free

Energy-Water (still)


Bionade: (different varieties) 0.33 l


(Elderberry, Herbs, Lychee)

Eco Rhubarb


(cold pressed rhubarb juice)

Coconut (if available)


(first drink, then open and snack)



Krombacher 0,33 l


Krombacher alcohol-free 0.33 l 




Sauvignon Blanc Campos Reales, La Mancha (white) 0,2l


Sauvignon Blanc Campos Reales, La Mancha (white) 0,75l


Garnacha rosé Campos Reales, La Mancha (rosé) 0,2l


Garnacha rosé Campos Reales, La Mancha (rosé) 0,75l


Monastrell Honoro Vera, Jumilla (red) 0,2l


Monastrell Honoro Vera, Jumilla (red) 0,75l


Bottled wine

Verdejo blanco, Señorío de Bocos, Zamora, Spain (white) 0.75l


Sauvignon blanc- Viognier, Canforrales, La Mancha (white) 0,75 l


Albarino, Rula feiticeira, Galicia, Spain (white) 0,75 l


Vigília Rosé Bodega Cap Andritxol, Sencelles, Mallorca (rosé) 0,75 l




Our coffee beans are from ecological fair trade cultivation and are roasted on the island.

All coffee drinks can be prepared with whole, almond, oat or coconut milk.



American Coffee


Cafe con Leche




All our prices include taxes and service.